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landfall. and tonight we don't yet know the full extent of the death and the damage in the philippines. >>> the promise from the president to fix health care after his apology for a promise not kept. >>> an innocent man who spent decades in prison for a murder he didn't commit. now the prosecutor who put him there is facing jail time for keeping evidence a secret. >>> and it's here. the once-far-off notion of space flight for us civilians. now they're taking reservations and window seats are going fast. "nightly news" begins now. >>> good evening. we find ourselves tonight in that period between landfall of a monster storm and then learning how bad it was when communications are back up. there is reason to believe, though, that entire portions of the philippines are cut off tonight and under water after a storm made landfall that's being described as the most powerful on earth ever to hit land. wind gusts at the core were predicted at over 200 miles an hour. at that speed, nothing can remain attached to the earth. waves were reported at 50 feet and higher. and after passing through the
but i don't know what wi happen tomorrow or the day after that. today the president of the philippines toured the city. >> especially those are injud. the need f food. >> reporter: taclan's airport was badly damaged by raging floodwaters. now, hundreds wait tre desperate to leave. the young and the frail allowed to go first. this woman is 63. she bely survived. r family didn't. >> my husband -- reporter: she only has what she stands in. secuty now a concern with tv footage showg widespread looting. one official calling on the vernment to declare martial law. at this ho, a massive relief operation is underway ashe situation grow ever more sperate. e runway here is still intac and the aiorts are flying in and out. beginning to rcue the many thousands who are desperate to leave. this is fast becoming major international humanitarian airlift. lester? >> ang us waer. we wanto hear more fro a personou just sa m eds a storm char who was documenting the storm as it came ashore from the hotel. here's how he described it in his own words. >> i started to come in as the sun came up. i went out w
support. but when you don't know where your husband of 56 years is, you don't know his health, you don't know when he will be home with us, it's not an easy situation. >> reporter: today, a state department official said the swedish embassy in north korea which handles issues dealing with u.s. citizens was granted access to newman. meanwhile another u.s. citizen, kenneth bay, has been detained in north korea for more than a year. today in a statement the white house said it was deep thely concerned about the welfare of both men and urged their releases. joe fryer, nbc news, los angeles. >>> for many people this this country, today the weekend meant another chance to hunt for holiday bargains as the first numbers were released from black friday which retailers consider the most important day of the year. nbc's kristen dahlgren is watching from here in new york for us. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, lester. big changes to tell you about. we just got the numbers in. what we are seeing is really the end of black friday as a behemoth shopping day. not because retailers are struggl
goes beyond the president's x and would permit insurance companies to keep selling pns that don't me new coverage requirents indefinitely. and to any customer. democrats say that wld gut the benefits in the health care la ngresswoman debbie wasserman schultz says the fix will work thgh the president cant force insurance mpanies to go along. >> that's y the president rolled out the policy yesterday that allows ople who want to keep their plan to keep it. but we also -- >> reporter: it don't really allow -- >> yes, it does. >> reporter: it'asking. >> it allows people that want to keep their plan, if they like it, they can. >> reporter: se of the insurance executiv called the meeting with the psident oductive. while the white house suffered a loss of confence today, many house democrats told mthey had feed even more defections. brian? >> kelly o'donne after another fun day on the hl. thanks for starting us o tonigh let's goo david gregory, moderator of "meet the press" in the d.c. bureau. pele start tossing around hurricane kaina comparisons and that's bound tleave a mark. >> yh, and th
employees, they don't have any training, any background, law enforcement training. the quickest and best way to go would be more police presence at those baggage screening areas. >> thanks for being on tonight. >>> a remarkable story this weekend involving the mid-air collision of two small planes. they were carrying a total of nine skydivers and were flying in formation over northern wisconsin when they collided. causing one to catch fire, break up and crash. ten of the 11 people on the planes jumped to safety while the pilot of the second plane was able to land it. amazingly, no major injuries were reported. >>> we turn to politics and even if it is three years to the next presidential election, it might not have seemed that way this weekend. as new jersey's republican governor chris christie campaigned for re-election and democrat hillary clinton received an enthusiastic endorsement. kelly o'donnell is on the trail with christie and hints of 2016. >> riding a double digit lead in the polls and a week-long bus tour. governor christie's campaign style is jersey personal. wrapping an arm aro
from i-90 up in buffalo where they don't scare easily in winter. so the traffic is moving along, but we talk about the northern reaches of this storm. they're expecting 8 to 12 inches of snow before it's all over. tonight meteorologist janice huff has been kind enough to join us to look at where this is going and what's in store. janice, i understand the winds on the back end are going to make for kind of a second wave of flight problems. >> exactly. and that's going to come behind this system. the winds ahead of this system may gust up to 60 miles an hour in the northeast along the coastline. wind, rain, snow and now even the potential for tornadoes from myrtle beach down to jacksonville and from tallahassee to tampa, florida, tonight, causing delays up and down the eastern seaboard. so our computer forecast model will track it through tonight. mainly rain from new york city down to washington, d.c. on the back edge is that snow band you spoke about that will produce anywhere from 8 to 12 inches maybe up to 18 inches of snow across portions of lake ontario. here it is 6:00 a.m. wednesd
brother and momad made it, but hasn't heard from anunt who suffers from diates. you don't know if she can survive with a medic conditn. >> n we don't. >> repter: medications and food and wer and more are on the way. big nonprofits like direct relief in santa barbara with warehouses filled with donations will be shipped out asap. >> iwon't do any good unss it gets into the proper hands to the proper pla with the proper controls. >> reporter: elsewhere, the team rubicon squad has deployed, veterans specializing in relief work. >> goingo try to help at least rebuild the community and hopefullleave it a little bit stronger. >> reporter: of cose, relief efrts are ramping up within the huge phiipino-american population. checkout dations drive at popular supermarkets. >> it's very hrible. >> reporter: and in the digit age, filipino-americans are using social media to spread the word about relief efforts. >> facebook has been msource of getti that information so that ian ask my network of friends to help. >> reporter:here are still many vigils like this one. filipino em wondeng if loved ones surv
, commissioner, does not have weapons traditionally. you don't think the answer will be to weaponize concentric circles as you work your way into the airport? >> there will probably be a call to do just that. i would advocate against that trying to train 50,000 people to handle firearms in a very contained situation. better to leave it so the highly trained police personnel such as those that went into action today. >> as we said, l.a.x. on a friday morning, 9:30, busy place. hard to name a time when l.a.x. isn't busy. the problem with running an airport, you've got to have the free flow of people. isn't that exactly what makes them increasingly fertile targets for random violence and organized terrorism? >> while the violence occurred at the tsa checkpoint and maybe proceeded farther into the terminal, it could have just as easily occurred on the sidewalks outside. those terminals at 9:30 in the morning, there are hundreds of people lined up outside checking baggage. the fact that he was targeting tsa employees, you would certainly go to the point where most of them would congregate. >> final
. i don't know if i will be on time. >> reporter: icy rain and high winds lit up the misery map today. new york, d.c., atlanta, chicago. the most affected airports. on my flight from pittsburgh to d.c., the wind made for a very bumpy ride. back into washington is when the turbulence picked up. >> the aircraft is leaving on time. >> reporter: on the ground jetblue's command center, it was mostly smooth sailing for their flights in the nation's most congested air space. >> this geography is challenging whether it's new york, boston, into washington. this area is some of the most challenging to operate in. >> reporter: heavy snow fell in upstate new york leading to power outages in rochester. more snow in western michigan. but beautiful today out west in denver and san diego. while back at the pittsburgh airport, chad ott returned from a florida business trip. >> i was able to get an early flight out. i'm just happy to be home. >> reporter: just in time for thanksgiving. a little bit of good news if you're driving, gas prices are down 49 cents from the peak this year, down to $3.28 on av
:00. but children everywhere, don't despair, that other great draw for the parade is not in jeopardy. santa claus isn't afraid of a little wind. >> rainy cold night along central park. balloons or no, the parade will come on tomorrow morning. >>> even before all the problems with the health care website, the obama white house has been counsell counting on a surge of signups this weekend and beyond. the idea was to hear the president tell it, thanksgiving dinner table, families would discuss it and persuade those young, healthy family members to sign up. now the hope is any kind of surge won't crash the site which is working better, but it's still fragile. there's a new set back for small businesses trying to sign up their employees. kristin welker has more on that end of the story. >> reporter: today's announcement is technically problematic because it comes a few days before the deadline in which the president said the website would be working well. and now on the eve of thanksgivi thanksgiving, a new problem. the white house chose to release more bad news about healthcare.gov. the administratio
don't cover everything the new l mandates. among those mandates -- emgency room visits, mernity care and menl health. the president's solutionoday -- allow insurance companies to renew polies for a year, even if they don't comply with the law. >> the bottom line is insurers can extend current pla that would otheise be canceled into 2014 and americanwhose pls have been cancellecan choose to re-enroll in the same kind of plan. >> reporte what the president didn't emphasize is insurance companies don't have trenew the polies. the esident is simply asking them to extend t courtesy to upset policy holders. white house aides acknowledge the present does not have the power to mandatehis fix. >> this fix won't solve every problem for every person, but it will help a lot of peoe. doing more will require rk withongress. reporter: and that's exactly what may hpen. louisiana demoatic senator mary landrieu, fing a stiff election challenge at home, ld nbc's kello'donnell she's prepared to inoduce legislation requirg the fix. >> let's hope the presidt's guidance works. and if it does, hopefully the
the storm passed. >> we have so many dead people. we don't havbags. bags for the dea >> reporter: the death toll stands now at 1200 but is expected to rise sharply as rescue teams reach remot villages. >> thousands of homes are completely wiped out. not only the rai then the water sweeps in and it n just take out entirtowns and villag. reporter: one of the hardest hit areas, the city of tacklaban home to 220,000 people. surrnded on three sides water. surging ocean waves feet high submerged most othe city. the devastation is -- it's -- i don't have the words for it. it's really horrific. >> rorter: reporter ata marulo ported live as the thoon bared down on the city. later retreang to a second floor hotel as the stree quickly became rers. storm chaser jimdds rode out the orm tweeting this picture as t storm was approachi. on facebook today he wrote, amount of casualties significant, so many bods left behind from the surge. security becomg a concern with looting. water suly getting low. these satellite photos show the immense stm, the strongest ever to hit land, ecliing the entire country as
may be split on this between those who want to talk and need to talk and those who don't necessarily need to hear the intricate details of their lives, say, all the way from new york to los angeles. while it's early yet in this process, the new head of the fcc said this is just keeping up with the times. he says they're reviewing their outdated and restricted rules. the story where we begin tonight is with nbc's tom costello. he's at national airport in washington. tom, good evening. >> reporter: good evening. this is still far from reality, but it could be soon you'll be able to hear everything your seatmate says, in fact, everybody on the plane says the length of your entire trip. for many it's that last refuge from ringing cell phones and text messages. but now what may be the first sign that could change. the fcc says it will soon propose allowing passengers to talk on their phones in their seats above 10,000 feet. something already aloud in europe and asia but not in the u.s. in a statement the fcc commissioner said today the time is right to review our outdated and restricted r
stores are trying to grab their share. but it may not work. >> you don't have more relatives or more people on your holiday list just because there are more hours or more days to the sale period. >> reporter: some stores aren't joining in including nordstrom, costco, marshall's, one new york area chain is boasting about it. >> at pc richard an son we believe thanksgiving should be spent at home. >> reporter: a face book petition urging people not to shop on thoek has 6,000 likes. it is just wrong to make people work on a holiday meant for friend and families to beep together. the manager of a pizza hut in elkheart, indiana said he was fired when he refused to open today. he spoke to msnbc's ed schultz. >> it is not right. >> reporter: this morning, pizza hut corporate headquarters stepped in and he was offered his job back. at k mart in chicago, joel meier had two carts of games, dolls, and toys. all to be given away to children's charities. >> how good are the deals today? >> probably, about half price. so, i bought it -- get, twice as many toys for the kids. >> reporter: analysts s
record time, too right? >> i don't know. thanks for joining us here at 5:00. >>> special good evening to our viewers in the western u.s. tonight. this is election day 2013, and the polls have now closed in two of the biggest races in this country. it is clear that before tonight is over,e're going to get a big indication of what voters are thinking around the country. five years and one day after the election of president obama, just weeks after we all witnessed that ugly government shutdown. voters tonight are electing governors in new jersey and virginia. new mayors in new york and boston and seattle and so on. many of these races will indicate how the political winds are blowing right now. we begin our coverage in the politically crucial commonwealth of virginia. chuck todd is there for us tonight. chuck, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. well, a lot of the action is on the east coast. polls are closed. we have some winner. governor chris christie has been re-elected. we've projected that, nbc news. here in virginia, the bellwether of bellwethers the last few
the people of the plippines don't have a week to wait. some don't even have days to spare. it underscores t monumental effort derway tonig to get help there despite huge obstacles and widespread devastation. take just the one areae have been focusing on f the last 24 hours, tacloban, a city of 200,000 people. this is what is left of the airport, the tower is out of commission. the is no radar, or aistairs to pull up to the planes. and air strips are too short to e accommodate jets, and that limits the numbe of flits in and out. and this is what is left of the city, water the key to surviv and the search for it is desrate. a second weaer system has come along and again drehed the area with heavy rains. the feared death toll has been downgraded, but of course ther is no wato know for sure. it's whe we begin our porting tonight before we hear from dr. nancy snydermann the medical effort, we begin with gus walker itacloban. >> reporter: the true extent of the devastation is n becoming clear. island aftersland, village after coastal llage torn apart. this city of tacloban is in ruins. at the ai
be in handcuffs. >> you don't get rewards until you hold them accountable. and in this scenario, there is still is the missing culprit. no senior executive has been identified. >> reporter: tonight, the government says that criminal charges are still possible. as for how mm troubled homeowners will be helped, they say tens of thousands. brian? >> pete williams starting us off on a big story tonight, thank you. >>> now overseas to a story rimpd engel broke this morning. it has to do with our nation's longest war, 12 years now, so very costly, of course, in terms of blood and treasure. richard engel has obtained a draft copy of a u.s./afghan deal that shows that even when u.s. combat troops come home next year as they're scheduled to, america could still have a significant and expensive presence in afghanistan for a long time to come yet. richard is with us tonight from kabul. richard, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian, the u.s. has long talked brian. the u.s. has long talked about leaving a kind of residual force here in afghanistan. but when you see an actual proposal, you realize
. >> reporter: you don't have to be a cop anymore. while cell connections need to stay off, you need to connect to the plane's wi-fi system which the airlines charge for. and there's another important point. they want you to keep your laptops stowed. these could become dangerous project tiles in takeoff and landings. oh, by the way, even though you can keep listening to music, they ask you to take out the ear buds when the attendants are making their preflight announcement. >>> now to the weather on the ground on this halloween night when so many families with kids are trick or treating a storm system is also on the move. it's a big one stretching from the great lakes all the way down to the gulf of mexico. it is forcing some cities in this country to actually cancel or delay halloween plans until tomorrow because of torrential rain and the fear of flash floods. already there have been hundreds of evacuations and high water rescues in parts of texas. it's all sliding to the east tonight. weather channel meteorologist mike sidell with us from cincinnati this evening. hey, mike. good evening. >>
the troops here don't do much anymore is head out and chase down their attackers. >> would we want to? maybe. that's not our mission. >> reporter: this is supposed to be a training mission now. but evidently nobody has told the enemy. richard engel, nbc news, fire base torcom, afghanistan. >>> a developing story from overseas tonight. reports from scotland say a helicopter crashed on the roof of a pub in glasgow. they said it was a police helicopter, that there were multiple injuries and some people in the pub were trapped. witnesses described it as a horrible scene. >>> still ahead, a growing mystery on the west coast. what's killing starfish on the pacific coast. later, was it cheating, bad acting or both? read the lips of an nba coach to see what you think. ♪ [ male announcer ] for a love that never fades over any amount of time, there's iams. with 50% more animal protein than other leading brands... ...to help keep his body as strong as his love. iams. keep love strong. there's new iams woof delights. some wet food has gluten and artificial flavors. iams has real meat and eggs in our t
officers as he could. black, white, yellow, brown. i don't discriminate. now the union representing tsa officers says some should be armed. >> the responsibility for protecting airport security is not a tsa function but something we need to certainly examine given what happened in los angeles. >> reporter: gerardo hernandez was the first tsa officer to die in the line of duty, seen here on the job last december. officers james spear and tony grigsby were shot and released from the hospital. bryan mudrykmer, a high school teacher, was shot in the leg. >> he said he was grateful to be alive. he was hit, went down, turned around and saw the gunman face to face. >> reporter: in new jersey where ciancia grew up and attended private school, his father heard of the shooting on television. through an attorney, his family spoke today. >> it is most important for us as a family to express our deep and sincere sympathy to the hernandez family. >> reporter: ciancia was said to be dropped off at l.a.x. by an unsuspecting roommate. it's al believe -- also believed he sent text messages to his brother
. and we don't have any protection. so obviouslye're assessing how vulnerable we are. this town is for the most part gonend has escap the world's attentn. it is foodless, waterless and increasily lawless. we're making a decision right now whether it'safe to proceed or not. so we decided to stay away from the crowds and touchdo in a remote spot. earn's saying that they need food and water. and this area looksore devastated to me thannything we've seen in sack l ban. imdiately we were surrounded. everybody's told me that american doctors have a clinic down here. so these pple are goi to show us t way. 're thronged by very nice, ki people who have basally said they have buried so many, they're huny and thirsty. a man came forward and offered aride, and itappens to be a police offic named raw aol. d then we find the spital. american doctors and veterans from across the country are feverishly working. wood desks serve as operating tables a flashlights as overad lights. patien are evywhere. including thislderly woman who had her leg amputated yesterday. the wor is non-stop. doctors ha
don't want my son growing up in a bankrupt nation. >> reporter: his hard fought battle ended with victory from tea party members. the florida democratic party called him an embarrassment to his state. >> people do like the redemption, but they don't like their representative going to washington, d.c., buying cocaine and partying it up while they're struggling to get by. >> reporter: he says he wants to continue serving the nation and pledged to begin in patient drug treatment back home in florida. >>> now to the war in afghanistan. after 12 years, there's a plan outlining what happens after u.s. combat troops come home next year. tonight secretary of state john kerry confirms there's now a final draft of that deal. meanwhile, there are growing concerns about an upsurge of violence and chaos as the u.s. operation winds down. our chief foreign correspondent richard engle saw the effects close up in kabul. >> reporter: kabul's main trauma hospital may be the best place to diagnose the problem. the symptoms don't look good. civilian casualties of war, up 45% across the country ov
geneva tonight. >> reporter: good evening. nuclear negotiations just don't get any more dramatic than this. it was the end of four days of grueling negotiations. iran agreed to roll back its nuclear program. the six other nations to relax some sanctions. the negotiators were exhausted and very aware that the ambiguous wording that got them to this moment would trigger fallout. john kerry's take on the right to enrich uranium. >> this first step, let me be clear, this first step does not say that iran has a right to enrichment. no matter what interpretive comments are made, it is not in this document. >> reporter: but listen to iran's foreign minister in our exclusive interview. do you dispute that in. >> it doesn't say in so many words but it says very clearly that iran will have an enrichment program and it has a right to technology for peaceful purposes. >> reporter: another sticking point, the heavy water plant that could someday produce plutonium for bombs. >> it is a program that is there. we will not and paneled it but it is a program that will continue. >> reporter: constructio
these things in your holy name, amen. >> i don't think you should have to endure religious indoctrination in order to participate in your own town government. >> reporter: but the town say it is has history on its side. >> we have a rich tradition back to our founding fathers of opening legislative meetings with prayer. >> reporter: several of the supreme court's liberals today questioned it saying that people may feel compelled to join a prayer. both houses of congress have always started their days with prayers from paid chaplains, a practice endorsed 30 years ago. >> eternal god, how great you are. >> reporter: justice steven breyer suggested that the court could draw up rules to make local prayers more inclusive. but justice samuel alleto said e didn't see how it was possible. >> pete williams starting us off at the supreme court tonight. thanks. >>> now we turn to this growing scandal involving bullying ant nfl. a lot of people have been slow to come around on the idea. reluctant to believe that something like bullying could exist in something designed to be a highly violent, testost
of the company, chip wilson said, quote, frankly some women's bodies just don't actually work for their product. his comments might be a test of brand loyalty for their otherwise loyal customers. >>> right now the luxor hotel in las vegas, the one shaped like a pyramid, is housing the largest collection of "titanic" memorabilia ever assembled anywhere. but there's a problem. a sign at the exhibit captures on twitter announced without irony it's been closed due to water damage. no word on when it will reopen. >>> when we come back here tonight, a man who has given hope to so many when they needed it most. >>> finally tonight the power of one man to save lives and lift spirits. the golden gate bridge is a landmark of the west, one of the most popular places in the world for tourists to visit and, sadly, it's also a place where people go because they have lost all hope and wish to end it all. few know it better than kevin briggs, a sergeant with the california highway patrol, and a guardian of the golden gate. his very unique and moving story tonight from our national correspondent kate snow. >> r
, but we're all in this together. and if we don't stop playing these childish games in national politics and get back to the job at hand, we're going to be in the soup. >> it occurs to me that the majesty is in the presidency, how we elect them, how we inaugurate them, the trappings of office. but thinking that we've had a president assassinated at an exposition. we've had a president assassinated in a theater. and in this perfectly ordinary setting. >> yes, yes. i think that's what strikes me about it here. it's anywhere, usa. it's not a great ceremonial something would have to happen here. you go to little big horn, for example. you know something had to have happened here. it was like a greek setting. here, no, main street. anywhere, usa. >> historian and author david mccullough on the kennedy legacy and on this very place. >>> on november 22nd in 1963, tom brokaw was a young reporter in omaha. he read the news of the assassination on the air, in fact. he's with us from back home in new york tonight. and, tom, it was frank mcgee who said on nbc that day that for years to come, generat
y que lo coloca en el papel alista popularidad, su familia orquestada por doña angela y don ramón. mis padres vinieron a los estados unidos hace mucho tiempo, llegaron desde república dominicana y mi padre fue taxista, y mamá peluquera, trabajaron fuerte para darnos a mis hermanos ya me yo humildemente lo que necesitaban y ellos no tener zapatos en república dominicana su madresabe aconsejar el príncipe de la bachata. cabeza cuanto me aconseja no me gusta la presentación, como qué color era demasiado oscuro y lloró. la parte haber nacido en nueva york en la primera prueba que el joven atravesó pero que gracias a las certezas de su corazón liberó. su motivación me alejaba de las cosas negativas de muchas amistades estaban involucradas en cosas negativas que quizás más en la tarea en drogas, lo que sea letras estaban en su camino ibas a ser profesor de literatura estaba en la universidadestudiando para ser profesor siempre escribía problemas poemas. escuche lo que hizo con el primer sueldo que recibió sacar a mi familia de donde vivíamos, mi mamá tiene un coche yo
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ocho cuartos, ese don chuy ya me tiene hasta la coronilla con eso de la renta. a propÓsito, necesitÓ la lana que te di a guardar ayer, Ándale damela. >> perdÓname, paulino, pero no la tengo. >> ¿cÓmo que no la tienes? >> es que creo que lo perdÍ, ya lo busquÉ por todas partes y no aparece. >> no te puedo creer que seas tan taruga, yolanda, ahora por tus estupideces voy a tener que ir a ponerle la carlota a ese don chuy, eres una. >> ey, bÁjale maestro ya, suÉltala, sueltala. >> ¿si no quÉ? >> conmigo no te metas si te parto el hocico. >> ¿tÚ y cuantos mÁs? y a propÓsito, la necesito ya con urgencia, me oÍste. ♪ >> nada mÁs porque es tu marido, jefa. >> ya, m'ijo, no te tardes en regresar el dinero ya ves cÓmo se puso. >> sÍ, no hay bronca. ♪ >> aquÍ tiene, joven, gracias. >> hola, yola, buenos dÍas. ¿y ahora quÉ tienes tÚ? >> nada, tere, es que como que dormÍ chueca y me anda doliendo la cadera. >> ay, hermana esa ni tu te la crees, fue el paulino, ¿verdad? >> ay, no digas tonterÍas, de verdad dormÍ muy mal ayer. >> mira, yola, no tienes por quÉ seguir co
there is no tomorrow. >> it's therapy. it's where things feel normal. one foot in front of the other you don'have to remember how to do th. >> reporter: time is running away from hi three years ago, doctors scovered a tumor in his brain. they took out as much as they safely could he's 33 years old. >> they said, odds areou won't make 40. reporter: i can't imagine somebodyaying you won't make 40. how did u process that? >> i think it took a while for it to hit me. joki around. i said, well, i n faster than anyone else. guess i'll dieaster than everyone else. >> reporter: your first inclination iso feel sorry for him. but spend time with him and yo will realize for the things taken from him -- his memory his ability to drive and hold a b -- he's discovered how simple life is and what's impoant. >> 98, 100 >> reporter: he's a single dad. >> i realid that i missed a lot of this from basic things like makinher meals, changing her aper to going to functions school. >> reporter: no more. he and his daughter are inseparable. he's dedicated what's leftf his life to r. a bond strengthened by t simple
>> reporr: good night, brian. tonight in pecon, the shock of wh this massive storm has don is only now beginning t set in. large areas of washington, illinois, look like a moon scape today. as stunned residents picd through the wreage of wt used tbe their home >> right there you can see tha blant in thattree, our house was right in fnt of that. >> reporter: andrea bers like soany others huddled inhe basement. she held ontoer 3-month-old daughter with all of her might. >> the windows blew out. we huddled together and laidn top of our daughter. everything started falling in. >> reporter: by the time this massive storm rolled through illinois, sipeople weredead. among e vikts,my tippen's andmother francis houy and her great grdfather joseph houy. >> she kept saying want out of here. >> reporter: but the farmhouse could not withstand the strength of the storm. afte surveying the damage up close, i got t see it fm above. i've never sn the aftermath from the air like this before. it's almost as if a bulldozer has run fm one end of town right through the otr. and as far as the eye can see in
're saying one of the reasons for greater out of pocket costs is the new health care law. >> i don't see that at all. nothing in the law tells you that you need to raise copayments or deductibles. in fact, the law limits your ability to shift costs to your worker. >> most employers are looking forward to the cadillac tax in 2018 and realizing they're going to have to get ready for it now. >> reporter: employers have been asking workers to pay more for years, even before the new law. it's causing anxiety for the bakers. >> this is what next year will bring? what are the following years going to bring? >> reporter: lisa myers, nbc news, washington. >>> we are back in a moment with a close encounter up above and what it could mean for us down here on earth. >>> a wild day in the nfl turned into a wild night. it was bad enough that the packers and vikings played to a tie with a lot of fans wondering how such a thing should be possible with so much on the line. then last night it looked like the patriots and broncos were headed for the same thing in an epic battle until the pats won it late w
estÁ encarando perfectamente y aquÍ estÁ rush, el toro blanco, haciÉndole probar su fortaleza, don miguel. >> asÍ es, como que se resiente la sombra, ya tendremos la oportunidad de verlo, de la pierna izquierda. mientras tanto, ahÍ estÁ rush, le corta la cabeza a tamatonga y se la avienta al pÚblico de las alturas. esa expresiÓn molesta al pÚblico de la monumental arena mÉxico. el mÁs odiado, el mÁs repudiado, este toro blanco, rush, enfrentando a tamatonga. movimiento de lucha olÍmpica, pecho con pecho y ahora tenemos a rush y el terrible que llega asÍ con esas patadas. >> con terribles patadas, el terrible, seÑoras y seÑores, poniendo quieto al toro blanco. aparece thunder y tambiÉn, desde lo mÁs alto de la montaÑa, la sombra descendiendo, pero ya lo esperaban los trt. vamos a ver de quÉ cuero salen mÁs correas en este duelo. ya es una batalla personal. vangelis en contra de la sombra, thunder frente al terrible. nada para nadie, thunder amenaza con zurcar los aires cuan largo y pesado es sobre el terrible. escalando a medio everest, la sombra sobre vangelis. y
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